What to do?

If you repeatedly experience error messages, please make a note of the text or screen print of the error message and what you were doing at the time the error message appeared. You can then e-mail details to so that we can identify the cause of the problem.

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Why do I get?

The most common error messages are:


We are experiencing system problems

This error is caused when the ticketing system is forced to release your seats because the transaction took too long. Please resubmit your ticket request and try to complete your order within 15 minutes. A slow internet connection may cause this error. You could try disconnecting and then reconnecting to your internet provider to improve the speed.

Your transaction has timed out.
This error is caused by an interruption to the transaction process - your connection to us, our connection to the ticketing system, or to the bank. If you experience this error message, your transaction did not reach our ticketing system. Please resubmit your ticket request and try again.


At payment, your 3D Secure registration process was unsuccessful

Because 3D Secure and Verified by Visa take place in your bank’s environment, you need to contact your bank on one of the following numbers:
  • Nedbank : 011 710 4710
  • First National Bank : 011 369 2999
  • Standard Bank : 0861 201 311
  • ABSA : 012 317 3344

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